Total Podcast Pro - Online Video Training Course


Total Podcast Pro - Online Video Training Course


With Total Podcast Pro, you will learn the skills only a handful of podcasters possess (the truly successful ones that is). With the help of two award-winning broadcasters, Jeff Brown and P. Desmond Adams, you'll learn:

  • Proven strategies for effectively packaging and presenting your audio content
  • How to transform your listeners from conversation eavesdroppers to actual conversation participants
  • Marketing strategies that have been shown to increase downloads over 50%
  • Much, much more!


Plus, you'll receive:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to online training videos
  • Exclusive access to the TPP Private Facebook Group
  • 30 day, money-back guarantee


Total Podcast Pro is a Pro Podcasting Online Video Training Course by Jeff Brown, P. Desmond Adams, and Amanda Lairsey

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