The Mobile Pro Podcast Video Training

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Video Guide - 5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone

Learn how to set-up and record a pro-quality podcast interview on an iPhone* in less than 1 hr.

This step-by-step online video training shows how to set up and record with each of the 5 Field-Tested Mobile Pro Podcast set-ups in the guide, including how to set-up your iOS device, and a complete tutorial on the BossJock Studio recording app.

(Over 3 hrs of content, broken down into bite-size, 15-20 min. HD videos, PLUS lifetime access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee)

This Training is Best For: 

  • Solo, On-On-One, Video, or Roundtable Group podcasts
  • 1 Mic or 2 Mic Pro-quality podcast recordings
  • Noisy or quiet recording environments
  • Setups that fit in a backpack, purse, or even a pocket
  • Most flexibility - 5 pro mic setups & lifetime access, in case your podcast recording needs change


  • 25 Pg e-book with photos, pros/cons, and The Mobile Pro mic techniques and tips for each set-up
  • Over 30 links to all gear, apps, and accessories needed for each set-up
  • Over 8 HD videos spanning 3+ hours of rich content to provide simple, step-by-step training how to set-up, connect, and record with each of the 5 Mobile Pro Podcast recording set-ups. (each setup takes less than one hour to get up and running with pro-quality sound)
  • 17 min. video tutorial of the best iOS podcast recording app, BossJock Studio.
  • Lifetime access to training on all 5 setups AND all future updates


Training by Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

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Now, you can learn how to record Pro-Quality Podcast Interviews, with just the right gear, in less than 1 hr of your time.


To listen to audio samples each of these mic setups recorded indoors, outdoors, and in a noisy coffee shop, go to the bottom of this blog post:

*All set-ups work with any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 7 or higher

**To be clear:  These guides do NOT teach how to produce a complete podcast show. However, they do show how to record pro-quality audio, and multi-person interviews on an iOS device, including all the equipment and apps needed, how to connect them, how to set-up your iOS device and recording app, and how to export .mp3 and .wav audio files of your interviews.  


Note: If anyone purchases either of these trainings, and later decides to sign up for my Mobile Pro Podcasting 101 signature training course launching in December, I will apply the cost of this training to your Mobile Pro Podcasting 101 fee.