PM15 Session Slides and Free Ebook

Shawn Smith,   The Mobile Pro

Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

"Thanks for coming to my session at PM15! I really appreciate it, and it was great to meet you there!

You can access all of my slides, and get your free copy of my ebook, below.

If you weren't able to attend, but are still interested in Mobile Pro Podcasting, sign my mailing list - I'll be starting a FREE webinar series soon, that will cover a lot of the same material as in my #PM15 keynote!

There's LOTS going on at the Studios AFTER #PM15:

Thanks again for coming to my session! I hope ALL of this can help you and your podcast take your next step towards Mobile Freedom!


-Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

p.s. More about our mission work in Guatemala is here. For a video about our stove project watch the video in the sidebar. To donate, click here.

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PM15 Slides from Shawn's Keynote, "Mobile Podcasting Made Easy"

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This short video shows our main project in our mission work: Installing high-efficiency stoves in children's homes with dirt floors, who's moms are cooking over open fires. In June & July, we installed 126 stoves, serving over 500 people. 50% of your raffle donations will go to support this work. More about our mission work here.

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