Dear Platform Conference Speaker:

Greetings from South FL!

If you're reading this, I am a fan, follower, student, and evangelist of your work! I'm also excited to hear you speak at the Platform Conference in Colorado this week.

One question: 

Can I interview you sometime onsite at the Platform Conference? (20 min's)? If so, please schedule an appt. at:


More Info...

I am launching my new podcast soon where I provide tools and training for entrepreneurs to successfully manage their business from the road (gear, apps, resources, travel, and business tips) 

This is what I would like to interview you about: Being a Mobile Pro. (as well as any current projects you’d like to promote).

I know SKYPE interviews are the norm, however, since I’m promoting Mobile Pro Podcasting (and will have my Mobile Pro Podcast Studio with me), I’d prefer to interview you in-person, if possible. (Plus, it’s way more fun in person!)

Would you be willing to take 15-20 min's for me to interview you this week during the Platform Conference? I'd be happy to do it anytime you are free at the event. This would sincerely be a HUGE honor for me.  

If so, please take 1 min. to schedule an interview appointment with me at:

I will be recording pro-quality interviews on my iPhone with my Mobile Pro Podcast Set-Up near the conference room all week, and I have lots of times to choose from.

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in-person this week!




Here’s my website:

Here’s my free ebook and new video guide about Mobile Pro Podcasting: 5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone:

My previous Podcast Guests Include:
Jeff Goins
Cliff Ravenscraft
Chris Ducker
Jared Easley
Natalie Sisson
Daniel J. Lewis
Lou Mongello
Dave Jackson
Philip Taylor
Andy Traub

Feel free to reach out to any of the above about their interview experience with me. They’ll remember as the one who recorded their interview into an iPhone, or, as “The Mobile Pro"


Shawn Smith, GPS Global Professional Solopreneur

Shawn Smith, Your GPS
Global Professional Solopreneur

Hello. My Name is Shawn. Since 1994 I have flown over 750,000 miles all over the world, and run several businesses from my backpack as a speaker, musician, and missionary. I'd love to show you how to do the same. I'm like a business coach, but different, because I teach you how to manage your business from anywhere in the world. Consider me your own personal GPS. I can't wait to help you find your way to Mobile Freedom! More about me here.