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It was great to meet you in Orlando! Below you have free access my E-book, and all of the slides from my presentation including step-by-step instructions how to record an interview on your iPhone using the Voice Memos app. 

If you're interested in my step-by-step video guide how to record Pro-Quality interviews, and how to set up your Mobile Pro Podcast Rig, watch the intro video below, or go here. Enjoy!

Get my E-Book for FREE (a $47 value): 

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After months of painstaking research with dozens of pieces of equipment, cables, and apps, I've finally cracked the code on how to record pro-quality interviews and full podcasts with an iPhone! And it's all yours...for FREE!

Get my 25 Page PDF Resource Guide of 5 road-tested, pro-quality, set-ups to record studio-quality, multi-person interviews and podcasts with an iPhone (or any iOS7 or iOS8 device) including:

  • 5 Mobile Pro Podcast Set-Ups for 1-5 Mics
  • Clearly labeled photos of each set-up
  • Over 30 links to all the gear you need
  • Links to all the road-tested apps
  • Best-For guides of when to use each set-up
  • Pros, Cons, and The Mobile Pro Tips for each
  • The one mic and one app that can quickly transform your iPhone into a pro-level field recorder - for about $100!

PLUS, you get the following BONUS SET-UPS:

BONUS #1 - The Android Option for One-On-One Sit Down Interviews - Have an Android device? This is for you!

BONUS #2 - Sit-Down Interviews with Groups of 2-5 People

BONUS #3 - The Mobile Pro Ultimate Podcast Studio Set-Up that I have recorded dozens of studio-quality podcasts with from dozens of states in the U.S. and Guatemala.


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Learn How to Record a Pro-Quality Podcast Interview on Your iPhone - in LESS than 1 HOUR!


Want more help? Learn How to Record a Pro-Quality Podcast Interview on Your iPhone - in LESS than 1 HOUR!


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