Black Friday Has Ended - but you can still get a great deal on my training!

Unfortunately the Black Friday sale has ended. However, the good news is that you can still purchase my Mobile Pro Podcast training at their current prices (before they go up after the New Year).

This is still a great deal, and will get you up and running recording pro-quality podcast episodes and interviews in less than one hour! Plus, lifetime access and free updates! Check them out...


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Also below is some great free content for you, and some awesome free training that's coming up soon. Click on the banners below to get notified about these free training opportunities.


Shawn Smith,  The Mobile Pro

Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

The Mobile Pro Podcast Training Courses

Video Guide - 5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone

Learn how to set-up and record a pro-quality podcast interview on an iPhone* in less than 1 hr.

This step-by-step online video training shows how to set up and record with each of the 5 Field-Tested Mobile Pro Podcast set-ups in the guide, including how to set-up your iOS device, and a complete tutorial on the BossJock Studio recording app.

(Over 3 hrs of content, broken down into bite-size, 15-20 min. HD videos, PLUS lifetime access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee)

This Training is Best For: 

  • Solo, On-On-One, Video, or Roundtable Group podcasts
  • 1 Mic or 2 Mic Pro-quality podcast recordings
  • Noisy or quiet recording environments
  • Setups that fit in a backpack, purse, or even a pocket
  • Most flexibility - 5 pro mic setups & lifetime access, in case your podcast recording needs change


  • 25 Pg e-book with photos, pros/cons, and The Mobile Pro mic techniques and tips for each set-up
  • Over 30 links to all gear, apps, and accessories needed for each set-up
  • Over 8 HD videos spanning 3+ hours of rich content to provide simple, step-by-step training how to set-up, connect, and record with each of the 5 Mobile Pro Podcast recording set-ups. (each setup takes less than one hour to get up and running with pro-quality sound)
  • 17 min. video tutorial of the best iOS podcast recording app, BossJock Studio.
  • Lifetime access to training on all 5 setups AND all future updates


Training by Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

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5 Field-Tested Mic Setups ~ Photos & Links ~ The Mobile Pro Tips - ($47 Value)


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