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Mobile Pro Podcasting 101
by Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

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Learn Exactly HOW to Podcast THIS WEEK!


Mobile Pro Podcasting 101
Step-By-Step Online Video Training Course by Shawn Smith

Learn how to QUICKLY and EASILY Set-Up, Record, Edit, Level and Publish a Complete Podcast with an iPhone or iPad in HOURS not WEEKS

No Computer  - No Tech Skills Required

This course is for YOU if you want to...

  • Learn exactly HOW to podcast Quickly and Easily

  • Master Pro-Podcast Gear & Apps in HOURS not days

  • Launch your Pro-Quality Audio Podcast in DAYS not weeks

  • Spend less Time and $$$ on Equipment

  • Spend less Time and $$$ on Training

  • Spend more Time creating your Content

  • Create & Publish podcasts from Anywhere in the World

  • Record Pro-quality, In-person interviews with 1-4 mics

  • Learn from an Expert with an Easy, Proven Workflow

  • Have Lifetime access to Expert online Video Training

"Shawn's very detailed, yet easy to follow training videos on mobile podcasting and audio book recording will help you produce excellent, high quality products to deliver to your audience.

His training simplifies high-tech recording methods for the on-the-go professional.

Even a non-techie like me can master the art of mobile recording, editing, and leveling based on Shawn’s amazing step-by-step instruction.

Thanks, Shawn, for sharing your expertise and shaving months off the learning curve for beginners like me."

Sindy Nagel, Founder of SindyNagel.com, and Author of 7 Simple Steps to Hearing God’s Voice: Listening to God Made Easy.


  • You’re a Veteran Podcaster who wants to go Mobile, with Pro-Quality audio

  • You’re a Newbie, but you want a low-cost, low-tech way to start podcasting

  • You’ve wanted to start a podcast, but the gear or apps were too intimidating

  • You just don’t have the time to invest in learning a bunch of tech

  • You just don’t have the $$ to invest in traditional Podcast Gear

  • You just don’t have the $$ to invest in weeks and months of training

  • You’ve recorded several interviews, but not launched your show yet

  • You don’t even know where to start to launch a podcast

"Shawn's podcast process isn't for everyone, but it's perfect for anyone who wants to record an amazing podcast anywhere in the world. 

I never would have figured out the process of how to do an entire episode on my iPhone without Shawn's advice. 

My gear goes with me everywhere and because I follow his proven workflow, I record, produce, and publish one of my shows entirely on my phone. 

I've even done it (literally) from the beach!"


- Joshua J. Sheats, Host of Radical Personal Finance podcast and co-host of Encouraging Christian Fathers podcast

(Joshua's ECF is produced completely on an iPhone using Shawn’s system - listen for yourself!)


  • How to EASILY Record, Edit, Level and Publish a pro-quality podcast with an iPhone or iPad

  • How to Record Multi-mic interviews WITHOUT a digital recorder, OR batteries, OR even AC power

  • How to Record Remote Interviews with only an iPhone and/or Android device

  • The EXACT gear you need for pro-quality results

  • Step-by-step, EXACTLY how to setup your iOS device, apps, and equipment

  • The EXACT workflow of everything you need to do from Record to Publish

  • Pro-quality mic techniques with 5 different mic setups

  • What resources to use for web hosting, podcast hosting, etc.

  • ... all of the above in HOURS, not weeks, or months


What this course will NOT teach you:

  • How to make lots of money with your podcast

  • How to get your podcast into New & Noteworthy in iTunes

  • How to Promote and Market your Podcast

  • How to Interview guests


Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

Why? Because those areas are not my expertise. There are others who are more qualified to teach you those things, and I don’t want to pretend that I’m an expert at everything. I know my limits.

What I CAN do, is take my 25 yrs of knowledge and experience as a Pro Audio guy, and teach you, unlike any other, how to EASILY Record, Edit, Level, and Publish a podcast with an iPhone or iPad.

This is the ONLY course that you can learn from Mobile Tech Expert, Shawn Smith:


Why not just follow the FREE youtube videos, and free online video training?

  • None show how to Create a COMPLETE, Pro-quality Podcast on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  • None have my mastery/expertise with Mobile Pro Podcasting on iOS

  • Most self-directed courses fail without professional coaching

  • You probably would have done it by now, if you could have easily done it yourself


"Shawn Smith has done EVERYTHING for you to record your audiobook or podcast ANYWHERE, even in a parked car!

It is a complete yet simple step by step approach that anyone can do!”


- Stephen Skinner, Founder at StephenFSkinner.com and author of, “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business"

Only $397

(Offer ends Mon, Feb 29th at 11:59pm )

You Will Receive:

  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to online HD training videos of, "Mobile Pro Podcasting - 101 - How to SetUp, Record, Edit, Level, and Publish a Pro-Quality Podcast with an iPhone or iPad" ($597 Value)


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- BONUS #1 - Lowest Price available of this course ($200 value)


- BONUS #2 - Immediate Access to Shawn’s current video training course, “5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone” (Over 3 hrs of HD video training - $97 Value)


- BONUS #3 - Immediate Access to Shawn’s ground-breaking ebook on Mobile Pro Podcasting ($47 value)


- BONUS #4 - Exclusive, 90 min. Q&A Webinar with Shawn just for PodFest Participants who buy this course ($197 value)


PLUS - Early-Bird, IMMEDIATE Access to these Online Training HD Videos

(this course is NOT available to the public, and when it does launch later in 2016, it will cost much more)


AND - You will have a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee




Don’t wait to launch your Podcast. Learn EXACTLY HOW to Podcast like a Pro THIS WEEK

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Act Now! - This special offer ends Mon, Feb 29th at 11:59pm

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