Here's what others are saying about Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro, and his online video training courses, and keynote speaking at conferences.

(Take a listen... All Audio Testimonials below were recorded on an iPhone or iPad with pro equipment and workflows taught by Shawn in his courses.)

"Launching my podcast would not have been possible without the assistance of Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro. 

I went through Shawn’s course, Podcasting Made Easy, and through his high-quality training videos, and the Group Coaching Calls, I had the opportunity to ask questions every step of the way. His instructions, advice, and gear recommendations has helped me to realize my podcasting dream.

Now I can focus on creating content, and not the technical challenges. If Shawn can help me achieve this, then allow him to help you become a Mobile Podcast Pro too!"

— Dr. Enwongo Ettang, Medical Practitioner, Blogger, Marriage Educator, Creator of EnwongoEttang.com, and Host of The Unique Marriage Podcast.

(all episodes recorded using Shawn's Mobile Pro Podcast system)

"Shawn's very detailed, yet easy to follow training videos on mobile podcasting and audio book recording will help you produce excellent, high quality products to deliver to your audience. His training simplifies high-tech recording methods for the on-the-go professional.

Even a non-techie like me can master the art of mobile recording, editing, and leveling based on Shawn’s amazing step-by-step instruction. Thanks, Shawn, for sharing your expertise and shaving months off the learning curve for beginners like me."

— Sindy Nagel, Founder of SindyNagel.com, and Author of 7 Simple Steps to Hearing God’s Voice: Listening to God Made Easy.

"After taking Shawn’s course [Podcasting Made Easy], and after those Coaching Calls, I feel absolutely confident - completely changed... I feel absolutely certain that with my iPhone, and a good mic and setup exactly as Shawn recommended, I can talk to [my audience] in the way in which my voice sounds good and natural.

I can focus on the content of what I want to say, without worrying how the quality comes over - that is SUCH a relief! So many online courses are cynical, but Shawn’s course is heartfelt and life-changing!"

— Stephen Byrne, Co-Founder of RealGlassPainting.com


— Jenn Burton, Romantic Fairy Godmother, Founder of  JennBurton.com, and Host of Single Smart Female Podcast.

"The Podcasting Made Easy course was tremendously informative.  All the videos are highly detailed and thorough.  Not only that, but having access to Shawn Smith "The Mobile Pro" has been a life saver as I work to get my podcast off the ground.  Shawn's guidance and feedback have been instrumental.  I'm so thankful that I took the course."

— Sean Hansen, Founder and Host of Guard the Guardians

— Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert

Lee Silverstein Mobile Podcast Photo.jpg

"Shawn Smith - The Mobile Pro - made it incredibly simple for me to travel from Florida to Arizona with all of the equipment I needed to deliver live, studio quality podcasts from the conference site. Thank you Shawn for these easy-to-follow and incredibly helpful instructions!"

— Lee Silverstein - Creator and Host of The Colon Cancer Podcast

"I wish I had found Shawn's Mobile Pro Podcast Guide and bought the videos before following all the other guides on the internet. I would have saved at least $1,000 and launched a better, easier podcast. It's an awesome resource!”

— Joshua J. Sheats, MSFS, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CAP®, RHU®, REBC®
Top 10 Host of Radical Personal Finance Podcast, hardcore financial advice that works: RadicalPersonalFinance.com

"I started my own small business project here in Boston, visiting locations and talking with business owners to promote their brands through my podcast. I was very overwhelmed, because I was trying to find the right mic for my iPhone. Then I found Shawn Smith of The Mobile Pro. Shawn very kindly sent me his blog post article with all the details, and Pros and Cons about the best mic and app for my iPhone. (I took his advice and bought the equipment he recommended) and afterwards I did my interviews and they sound very good. I highly recommend Shawn!”

— Juan Carlos Giraldo - Founder & Host of Podcast & Business Podcast

"En Septiembre pasado estaba muy abrumado, porque estaba tratando de encontrar un micrófono adecuado para mi iPhone, para visitar los lugares y hablar con los propietarios y promover sus marcas a través de mi podcast. Bueno y yo encontré a Shawn Smith de The Mobile Pro. Shawn muy amablemente me envió  su artículo con todos los detalles pros y cons sobre un microfono para mi y también qué tipo de la aplicación debería utilizar para este micrófono. Después hice mis entrevistas y los sonidos y la app ambos funcionan muy bien. Recomiendo a Shawn, que habla español también!"

— Juan Carlos Giraldo - Fundador de Podcast & Business Podcast

"Before Shawn Smith's Mobile Pro Podcast training, I believed I was tied to my office to do interviews for my podcast. Now, I can do on-site mobile interviews like a professional. Shawn's videos not only showed me what I need, but walked me through how to use the equipment. The Mobile Pro has given me freedom."

— Jody Maberry, Host of Creating Disney Magic Podcast and The Park Leaders Show Podcast

(recorded from the beach!)

"Watching Shawn at Podcast Movement ’15, share his heart for Missions that ultimately led to him becoming The Mobile Pro was super inspiring, his passion made me want to do and be more for others. Shawn totally over delivered with valuable content and is now my go to for all things mobile podcasting”

— Jenae Nicole, Founder of JenaeNicole.com, and Host of the Job Optional Podcast

"Shawn's Mobile Pro Training course is a game-changer. As a long-time podcaster, I was looking to take my show to the next level with "LIVE" interviews. I've heard Shawn speak before and he is clearly the authority in Mobile Podcasting. His course taught me exactly what I needed to without spending endless hours on training. You''ll get everything you need to get going fast and have the highest sound quality possible. I implemented his course with great success and can't wait to ramp things up with mobile podcasting. This would not have been possible without Shawn's course - it's amazing!"

— Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, Author, Fitness Expert, and Creator of RdellaTraining.com and Host of  The Rdella Training Podcast.

"I think I spent more time at the Mobile Pro Studios than anywhere else at Podcast Movement '15! The two interviews I recorded there went wonderfully; beyond that though, Shawn was incredibly gracious with his time helping me explore the Bossjock app and giving me a few tips on the portable equipment I already own (in addition to suggestions to make on-the-road recording even better). Shawn really knows his stuff, so interviews sound great in the studio PLUS you'll leave with a wealth of new skills and information!"

 Jennifer Kaufman, Owner, Community Developer and Content Creator at Delightful.Life

"Shawn’s video lessons are top notch, easy to understand, and most importantly, the instructions are easy to replicate. Shawn Smith is The Mobile Pro, but he is also a wizard, helping you take your podcasting show on the road with his field tested set ups. Like any master, Shawn has simplified a complicated subject and made it simple for the rest of us. Don’t reinvent the wheel, let Shawn show you how you too can be a Mobile Pro."

— Jon D Harrison, Founder of ClassicallyTrained.net and host of the podcast, “Classically Trained"

"Shawn Smith gave me THE tip of the day at the Podcast Florida Event. His presentation was clear and concise, peppered with a deep fondness for what he loves to do, and showing us how to podcast from our iPhones was worth the price of admission.” 

— Carole Sanek, Founder of carolesanek.com, and Creator & Host of thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com

"When I think of Mobile Podcasting... I think of Shawn Smith. His passion, humor & presentation skills at Podcast Florida were the perfect balance of entertaining and informative. I look forward to hearing Shawn speak at Podcast Movement.” 

— Jared Easley, Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, Co-Founder of Podcast Florida, Host of Starve The Doubts Podcast

"Shawn lives and breaths mobile podcasting. He has assembled one of the most thorough resources available for recording on-the-go with his video training course. Beginner or seasoned professional, you will learn something to improve your podcast even if you do not buy a single piece of gear."

— Kirk Bowman, Visionary of Value, Art of Value Show

“Everybody in the room at Podcast Florida was used to playing with Woody until Shawn came along as Buzz Lightyear with his new Laser & Jet Pack. To Infinity + Beyond with Podcasting On-the-Go!"

— Patty E., Founder of BrandYouEconomy.com, and Host of, “Brand You Economy with Patty E.” podcast

"Shawn's video guide to record podcast interviews with an iphone is an invaluable source of information that helped clarify a lot of questions for me. Walking away knowing the best setups, for the best audio, was key. I highly recommend this to anyone with a podcast who may need something mobile.”

— Dr. Ryan Gray, M.D., Founder of MedicalSchoolHQ.net, and Top 10 host of Medical School Headquarters Podcast

"Everything (including podcasting) is going mobile. Shawn Smith provides excellent, clear training on how to setup a streamlined podcast rig on-the-go in this course. This will show you how to capitalize on any conference, meetup, or get-together and turn it into a podcast interview. Plus Shawn is a musician and gearhead ... the very type of person I want showing me how to use the latest tech. Highly recommend his video course on Mobile Pro Podcasting."

— Mike Kim, Founder of mikekim.tv and host of, “Brand You - A Podcast with Mike Kim

"When you look for someone that lives up to his name, look no further than The Mobile Pro, Shawn Smith, who recently presented at our Podcast Florida conference. Shawn is incredibly knowledgable and is a leading authority on Mobile Podcasting, a field which I believe will grow exponentially in the next 12-18 months. A fantastic presenter, his dynamic personalty shines through on the stage and in his podcast.” 

— Lou Mongello, Founder of loumongello.com, and Creator and Host of the award-winning podcast, WDWRadio.com

"As a facilitator of live events I have seen my fair share of presenters. Shawn Smith is one of the most gifted presenters I have witnessed. He takes a technical topic like mobile podcast production and makes it attianable for anyone that has the desire to get their message out. I recommend Shawn as a Presenter as well as his course at TheMobilePro.net to anyone thinking about either. "

— Chris Krimitsos, Founder of PodFest MultiMedia Expo, Founder of Tampa Bay Business Owners, and Host of Story Jam Theatre Podcast


"I really enjoyed getting to record in Shawn's mobile studio booth setup at Podcast Movement 2015. Not only was I able to record with professional equipment like dual Shure SM7B mics but I got to learn a lot about recording with my iPhone and these pro mics. Getting to work with the Shure mics convinced me to make an upgrade from my Blue Yeti to the SM7B. I've been very satisfied with my decision and it's all thanks to Shawn's professional mobile studio and expertise."

— Joe Pardo, Chief Dream Officer of Dreamscape Podcast Network

"Shawn Smith is THE AUDIO GUY. I discussed a problem with audio I was having while at Amplify. He pulled out of his bag a mic to USB device and suggested I use it to replace the mixers, and it works like a charm. He is like Santa with that bag - everything is in it!"

— Dr. Dale Callahan, Founder of DaleCallahan.com and Host of Company of One Podcast


Ever try to podcast from the road? Ever try to record an interview at a conference? It's complicated, expensive, and NOT mobile-friendly.

After months of painstaking research with dozens of pieces of equipment, cables, and apps, I've finally cracked the code on how to record pro-quality interviews and full podcasts with an iPhone.

Now, I can show you exactly what to use, and it's not complicated, or expensive (well, most if it). In fact...it's free! Learn more about what's inside...


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