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Hello. I'm Shawn. I've flown over 930,000 miles, and run several businesses with a laptop and mobile phone.

My goal is to help you create pro-quality content, and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

This year, I'm focussed on equipping non-techies and podcast veterans to create pro-quality podcasts...from anywhere

So...where do you want to go?

~ Shawn Smith,
The Mobile Pro

"I wish I had found Shawn's Mobile Pro Podcast Guide and bought the videos before following all the other guides on the internet. I would have saved at least $1,000 and launched a better, easier podcast. It's an awesome resource!”

- Joshua J. Sheats, Founder of and Host of Radical Personal Finance Podcast

I'm proud to be featured in the film
The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

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I Recently Spoke at...

PING Helsinki Business Festival
Apr 28 in Helsinki, Finland

PodFest MultiMedia Expo
Feb 23-25 in Orlando, FL

Nordic Bloggers Experience
Jan 18-20 in Helsinki, Finland

TBex Europe in
Stockholm, Sweden

TBex North America in Minneapolis, MN

Want to book me to speak at your next event? Check my availability here...

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