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The Mobile Pro Podcast Studios
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Everything here is to help you take your Podcast to the next level: Mobile Freedom.

Shawn Smith,   The Mobile Pro

Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

"Hello. My name is Shawn Smith. Some call me, "The Mobile Pro", and I'm honored to be speaking at PM15 on Mobile Pro Podcasting at 11:40am on Sat.

Last year I recorded a dozen pro-quality podcast interviews ON-SITE at PM14 with leading podcasters like
Natalie SissonCliff Ravenscraft, Lou MongelloDaniel J. LewisJeff Brown, Darrell Darnell, Dave Jackson, Ray Ortega, and more.

I did it on my iPhone, with studio mics I carried in my backpack. It was AMAZING to capture these moments, to build relationships with these awesome podcasters in ways that can ONLY happen in-person, and to bank hours of podcast content in a couple days.

Since then, I've gone to other 6 conferences like FinCon and Florida Podfest and recorded over 40 interviews for my upcoming podcast launching this fall - all pro-quality, and all in-person. Then, I wrote a ground-breaking ebook, and creating easy, step-by-step video training to teach others how to do the same thing, in less than 1 hr of their time.

This year I'm SO excited to offer YOU the SAME opportunity: You can record pro-quality podcast interviews at PM15 at The Mobile Pro Studios (located in the vendor area, across from the Panel Rm). And the best part is: It's FREE, EASY, and FAST - even if you're a non-tech person!

(Don't have an iOS device to record with? No problem - you can borrow one of mine, or use your own recorder, or Android device - details here.)

There's 5 studios to book time in (but prime times are going fast, so book now!). These 5 studios are the 5 field-tested mic setups featured in my ebook
, and my step-by-step video training, "5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone". You can hear audio examples of each at the bottom of this page.

Plus, every time you book studio time (or if you attend my PM15 session), you have a chance to win over $800 in pro-podcast gear & training prizes at my RAFFLE being held on Sun, after the final keynote at 5:45pm at The Studios.

Or, you can purchase tickets! 50% of the raffle proceeds will go to support my mission work in Guatemala serving children living in extreme poverty.

Finally, there's LOTS going on at The Mobile Pro Studios. You can...

  • Re-charge your mobile device for FREE at our Charging Station

  • Buy extra Raffle Tickets ($5/each, or 5 for $20) to win prizes

  • Join my Affiliate Program and earn a 50% commission

  • Book an in-person podcast interview with me, for YOUR podcast

  • Book a 1-on-1 Consulting Session with me on Mobile Podcasting

  • Purchase ANY gear in my Mobile Studios to TAKE HOME with you!

  • And MUCH more...

PLUS - This week ONLY I'm offering some SPECIALS on my step-by-step Video Training:

So, book your studio time now, stop by to re-charge your device, jump on my training specials for THIS WEEK ONLY, get your raffle tickets, and come say, "Hello." I'd love to connect and help you take your podcast to the next level: Mobile Freedom. See you soon!"   

- Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

The Mobile Pro Podcast Studios

(To book your Studio Time, please scroll down)

Welcome to The Mobile Pro Studios: 5 Pro-quality Mobile Studios to record interviews and podcasts from LIVE from Podcast Movement 2015 - all for FREE! 

PLUS - every person who books a session gets TWO FREE RAFFLE TICKETS to our Raffle with over $800 in prizes. (drawing is Sun at 5:45pm at the Studios, after the last keynote )

The ONLY thing you need to bring, is ONE of the following recording devices:

  • An iOS Device running iOS7 or later (or you can borrow one of ours)

  • A Digital Recorder with XLR inputs (To record in Studios 3, 4, or 5)

  • An Android Device (You MUST record in Studio 4 with Android)

***You can NOT record with a laptop in The Mobile Pro Studios. (See Studio FAQ section for why)

It is also strongly recommended that you bring your own earbuds, or favorite headphones. We will have basic headphones available, but if you have a favorite pair, please bring them with you.

Also, if you're borrowing one of our iOS devices to record with, please bring a USB memory drive, or laptop, to transfer your podcast files to.


You can just show up, and we'll make it happen! But to have the best recording experience possible, please follow these simple steps:

1. Select the Studio best for you on our Gear Guide page. This guide has photos and links of all the gear, explains which studio is best for different recording needs. i.e. Studio 1 is for roundtable discussions, Studio 2 is for video interviews, and Studios 3, 4, and 5 are for solo podcasting OR 1-on-1 interviews. Check them out, and see which is best for you.

2. Book your Studio Session below. (limited times are available for each studio). If you're interviewing a guest, please check with them BEFORE booking your studio session, to be sure they are available.

Need a guest to interview? How about Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro? Check my schedule here - If I'm free, I'd love to be your guest to talk about Mobile Podcasting, or my mission work in Guatemala, my music career, or anything else you'd like to chat about!

3. Forward Studio confirmation emails to your Guest. You will receive several email reminders of your studio session. If you're doing an interview, forward all of these to your guest, so they will be ready too. Also, please remind your guest(s) to bring their favorite earbuds or headphones.

4. Plan on a 30 min. interview/recording session or less, and please arrive early. Your studio session is 45 min's long, just to be sure you have enough set-up/tear-down time/chit-chat time w/your guest. Please arrive 10-15 min's early to be sure everything is set and ready-to-go at your scheduled time.

5. Need to borrow a recording device? Please arrive early. We will have 4 iOS devices for folks to borrow. Though we can NOT guarantee one for you, the earlier you arrive, the better chance we'll have one for you.

6. If using our iOS device to record, please bring a USB memory, or laptop to transfer files to after your recording. I will have a MacBook to transfer your files

7. Download your favorite recording app. If recording on a iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, I strongly recommend using BossJock Studio ($10). To get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, I also recommend buying my BossJock Studio training video. It's only $7, for this week only!

8. Clear space on your recording device. Make sure you have at least 500 MG of free space on your recording. Generally, you only need about 300 MG for a 30 min. interview, but we want to be sure you have PLENTY of breathing room.

9. Charge your recording device BEFORE you arrive. Please bring a fully-charged recording device, so your recording does not get interrupted. Nearly all of our studios require plugging into the power-port of your iOS device, so you can NOT charge it while recording. You can re-charge your device at our Charging Station at The Mobile Pro Studios for free! Just arrive early. 30 min's of charging should be more than enough for a 30 min. recording session.

10. Arrive early, and bring your favorite headphones! Again, we will have basic headphones available for use, but if you have your own favorite pair, please bring them, and please remind your guest to do the same!

More questions? See our Studio FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below.

Thank You! Podcasting is SO fun, and podcasting on the road is a whole new world! My hope is that you will have an AWESOME experience, and that this can open the doors of possibility to taking your podcast to a new level: Mobile Freedom. Any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email, or stop by The Studios...see you soon!


To book a Studio, or time with Shawn, select a Studio below and click, "Book Now"
To see a Gear Guide with photos and links of equipment for each Studio, click here.
To hear audio samples of each studio, go to the bottom of this page.
Studio FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
For updated list of Raffle Items and Sponsors, click here.

Studio FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many studios do you have available for booking?
We have 5 studios, all that serve needs a little differently. For a complete list of equipment, and recommended uses, visit our Gear Guide Page.

Where are you located at Podcast Movement?
At the Omni Fort Worth hotel, in the Vendor area, at the end of the hall, across from the Panel Discussion Room.

Do I NEED to bring an iOS device to record with at The Mobile Pro Studios?
No! We have a limited number of iOS devices you can borrow. You can reserve one when you book studio time. OR, you can record

How long are the recording sessions?
45 min’s each. We recommend booking a 20-30 min. interview, and arriving early to be sure you’re setup and comfy w/the equipment before you start. You can book as many sessions as you’d like.

Does it cost anything to record?
Nope…everything’s provided for free!

Do I need to use BossJock Studio app to record with?
No, but I strongly recommend it. It’s SUPER easy to use, sounds great, and only costs $10. You can download BossJock Studio here.
However, if you’d like to watch a brief tutorial on how to use it, I have a 17 min. tutorial that will show you everything you need to know. It is on sale for this week only for only $7 (normally not for sale; only as part of my $97 Mobile Pro Video Training Course.)

Get my step-by-step video training tutorial of BossJock Studio here (it's only $7, for this week only!)

I have other iOS and Android app recommendations under each studio in the Gear Guide.

I’m a complete non-techie, and know NOTHING about podcast equipment. Do you have any other training available to make me more comfortable before I record at PM15?

Yes! For this week only, I'm running a special on my complete step-by-step training, “5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone”. It will walk you thru how to connect all the equipment, set up your iOS device, use the app, use pro mic techniques and pro settings for your gear, and get you ready to record your first interview.

It does all this IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR OF YOUR TIME! Plus, you get lifetime access to the online videos, and a risk-free, money-back guarantee. This will save you TONS of TIME and MONEY, and is the fastest, least-painful way to start record pro-quality interviews on the road.

To get my Mobile Pro Video Training for 21% off (the LOWEST price it will EVER be offered) go to the link below, and...
For 21% off, Enter Promo Code: PM15. Offer ends Sun, Aug 9th.

Get my Mobile Pro Video Training here.

Do you have any other resources on Mobile Pro Podcasting?
Yes! You can get my free ebook, “5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone” ($47 value - it’s FREE for a limited time). It is 25 pgs chuck full of large photos, equipment links for all the gear you need, pros/cons of each setup, pro tips, and more. Get my free ebook here.

You can also hear audio samples of each studio/mic set-up indoors, outdoors, and at a coffee shop at the bottom of this blog post.

Why can't I record with my laptop at The Mobile Pro Studios?
My purpose for providing this studio is to educate, train, and encourage podcasters to record with an iOS device, or small recorder, when traveling. I am extremely confident in all the gear that I recommend, because I have field-tested it extensively. iOS recording is EXTREMELY stable, reliable, and predictible. In hundreds of recordings, on lots of devices, I've never had one of my recommended apps, or iOS device crash, or negatively affect a recording.

Plus, if podcasters are using the equipment I recommend, I can provide technical support with both the hardware, and software at The Studios, because I am intimately aware of all of their quirks, and can quickly trouble-shoot and solve any problem that may affect the recording.

With dozens of PC recording apps, and dozens more hardware configurations, I cannot guarantee a premium recording experience for the user. My apologies for any inconvenience, but my hope is to help podcaster's have a great, pro-quality mobile recording experience, and this is the best way I know how to ensure that. Thanks for your understanding.

The Mobile Pro Studios RAFFLE - Over $800 in Prizes!


50% of raffle proceeds will go to support Shawn Smith's mission work in Guatemala, serving children living in extreme poverty.

When:    Drawing will be held on Sun, 5:45pm CST
Where:  The Studios, at the Omni, in Vendor area, across from the Panel Rm
What:     The following prizes will be given away (see below)
Who:       You! (and you must be present to win!)
How:      To win, you must have a ticket, and you must be present to win.

Raffle tickets can be obtained in 3 ways:

1) Attend Shawn Smith's PM15 keynote on Mobile Pro Podcasting at 11:40am, Saturday (every participant present receives ONE TICKET)

2) Book studio time at any of The Mobile Pro Studios (every person who books and records a 20 min. session or more, receives TWO TICKETS. You can book and record as many sessions as you'd like.)

3) Purchase raffle tickets at The Mobile Pro Studios ($5/ticket, 5 tickets/$20)


PRIZES at The Mobile Pro Studios RAFFLE

3 - Video Training by The Mobile Pro ($97 value/each) -" 5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone"

1 - 30 Min. 1-on-1 Consultation with Shawn Smith ($97 value) Mobile podcasting, podcast equipment, apps, etc.

1 - Shure SM58LC Microphone ($99 value) - Donated by Darrell Darnell at ProPodcastSolutions.com

1 - Mobile Pro SetUp 3a - ($90 value) - 1  Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB/XLR Microphone w/mic cable, USB cable, stand ($60) + 1 Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter ($30) - Donated by Shawn Smith at TheMobilePro.net

1 - Mobile Pro SetUp 2b - ($210 value)- 2 Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones ($65/each), 1 Rode SC6 Breakout Box for Smartphones ($22), 2 Rode SC1 TRRS Extension Cables ($29/each) - Donated by Rode.com

1 - Video Training by The Mobile Pro ($25 value) - "BossJock Studio App"

Become an Affiliate of The Mobile Pro


Want to earn a 50% Commission just for referring people to my $97 step-by-step video guide, “5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone”? Join The Mobile Pro’s affiliate program (it’s free!).

Every time someone buys my video guide based on your referral, you get a 50% commission for each paying customer (approx. $45/sale!) And...my video guide price will go up this fall, so that means even more $$ for you. Payments are automatically paid out every 2 wks!

To join my affiliate program:
1) Create a Clickbank account
2) Click this link, and follow the instructions
3) Use your unique selling page/hoplink when mentioning my video guide
4) Collect your 50% commission every 2 wks (fyi...Clickbank keeps about 7% of each sale)
5) That's it! Easy money...

Thanks for your consideration. I'd love to have you as a partner to help people take their podcasting to the next level: Mobile Freedom!

Get my ebook for FREE for a limited time ($47 value)




"I wish I had found Shawn's Mobile Pro Podcast Guide and bought the videos before following all the other guides on the internet. I would have saved at least $1,000 and launched a better, easier podcast. It's an awesome resource!”

- Joshua J. Sheats, Founder of RadicalPersonalFinance.com and Host of Radical Personal Finance Podcast

Joshua is referring to my step-by-step, online video training series, "5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone".

This is the fastest, least-expensive, and least-painful path to getting up and running recording pro-quality podcast interviews - even if you're a non-techie, or podcasting newbie. I guarantee it!

In fact, if you follow the videos, you will get up and running is LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

To get my full video series, for 21% off (lowest price it will ever be offered), click the button below and enter the promo code, before Sun, Aug 9th.

For 21% off - Enter Promo Code: PM15
Offer Ends Sun, Aug 9th, 2015