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Platform Conference 2014 Offer - Content Creation Package


What I'm Offering You

  1. Hours of Pro-Quality Video Interviews with Your Keynote Speakers 

  2. Set-Up & Manage a Pro-Quality Audio Podcast Booth for Participants


What I'm Asking For

  1. Comp My Ticket for Platform Conference

  2. Provide Conference Food & Lodgings for Me and My Wife


The Details (click here, or scroll to bottom)


Contact Me

Simply reply to my email with a, "Yes", and I'll work out the details with Joy and your team. Prefer to contact me first? Here's my info:

Shawn Smith



I've interviewed the following speakers that you may know (some of their interviews are below). Feel free to contact them about me, my work, and my Mobile Pro equipment:

Jeff Goins
Andy Traub
Cliff Ravenscraft
Chris Ducker
Jared Easley
Natalie Sisson
Daniel J. Lewis
Lou Mongello
Philip Taylor


Shawn Smith, GPS  Global Professional Solopreneur

Shawn Smith, Your GPS
Global Professional Solopreneur

Hello. My Name is Shawn. I have run several successful businesses from a backpack since 1994, and I hope to show you how to do the same. I'm like a business coach, but different, because I teach you how to run your business from anywhere in the world. Consider me your own personal GPS. I can't wait to help you find your way to Mobile Freedom! More about me here.

Samples of My Work:


Full Podcast Interviews of Keynote Speakers

Promo Clips from Keynote Speakers


Interview about my Mobile Pro Podcast Studio with Master Entrepreneur Chris Ducker at chrisducker.com


Interview on Mobile Pro Podcasting and How I Got Started with Master Podcaster, Jared Easley on Starve the Doubts


FREE e-Book (a $47 value): 

Ever try to podcast from the road? Ever try to record an interview at a conference? It's complicated, expensive, and NOT mobile-friendly.

After months of painstaking research with dozens of pieces of equipment, cables, and apps, I've finally cracked the code on how to record pro-quality interviews and full podcasts with an iPhone.

Now, I can show you exactly what to use, and it's not complicated, or expensive (well, most if it). In fact...it's free! Learn more about what's inside...

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Platform Conference 2014 Offer - Content Creation Package

The Details


What I'm Offering You

1. Hours of Pro-Quality, 2 Camera Video Interviews with Your Speakers 

I Will Provide & Manage:

  • 15 min. interviews with all of your Platform Keynote Speakers (preferably right after they speak)
  • 1080p Full HD video cameras (iPhone 6 & iPhone 5 - same as used on promo video above) + external lenses, tripods, mounts, cables
  • 2 Shure SM7B Studio-quality mics (as seen in promo video above), table-top stands, cables, mixer/computer interface
  • 2 Sets of Pro-quality Headphones - if needed for loud, ambient noise (Bose QuietComfort 15, KRK 8400)
  • 1 Mobile Pro iOS device to record pro-audio with (same as above video)
  • 2 Mobile Pro lighting stands & light-boxes & 2 backlights & stands (same as above video)
  • All the unedited, 1080p Full HD .mov video and HD .wav audio files of the interviews to you, and each of your speakers


2. Set-Up & Manage a Pro-Quality Audio Podcast Booth for Participants 

I Will Provide & Manage:

  • The Platform Conference Podcast Booth booking schedule - preferably booked in advance thru ScheduleOnce.com
  • 1 Bose L1 Compact Sound System (for others to listen to podcasts live on-site - fills room of up to 300 people!)
  • 4 Pro-Quality Microphones (2 Shure SM58, 2 ATR 2100), table-top stands, cables
  • 1 Bose T1 Audio Engine Mixer (record up to 4 mics simultaneously)
  • Mobile Pro iOS device to record with (people can bring their own recorders, and/or I can provide one, and Dropbox them the file)
  • 2 Sets of Pro-quality Headphones (Connections for up to 8 sets of headphones/earbuds)
  • A Smile on my Face, and Gratitude in my Heart!


What I'm Asking For

  1. Comp My Ticket for Platform Conference 2014

  2. Provide Conference Food & Lodgings for Me and My Wife


What I Will Need From Your Team

These are just my thoughts to make this as simple as possible for you all - I know you all love checklists! Other thoughts? I'm open to suggestions...please contact me below. I'm here to serve you!

Before The Conference

  1. Book my room for 2 at the conference hotel ASAP (For me, and my wife, Damaris Smith), and email me the confirmation
  2. Give me any questions you'd like me to ask your keynote speakers (i.e. To promote Platform Conference, or Michael, etc.)
  3. Tell me when to schedule the Platform Podcast Booth bookings  (I'm thinking over lunch + evenings, NOT during keynotes)
  4. Email all participants the Platform Conference Podcast Booth equipment list, & link to schedule record times (I can write the copy for these!)
  5. Order One, 4-6' table w/linens be set-up for keynote speaker interviews (preferably close to the stage/ballroom)
  6. Order One, 6-8' table w/linens be set-up for the Platform Conference Podcast Booth  (pref. near commons area/meals) 
  7. Refund my Platform Conference fee

Onsite At The Conference (I will arrive Sat pm)

  1. Tell me where to set up the keynote speaker interviews (preferably close to the stage/ballroom)
  2. Tell me where to set up the Platform Conference Podcast Booth interviews (preferably near commons area/meals)
  3. Give me my meal & lodgings voucher info


My Contact Info

Shawn Smith