The BossJock Studio iOS App has been DISCONTINUED

Here’s how it will affect you, and our Podcasting Made Easy Online Training Course

So…To Sum Up

  • If you do NOT need to upgrade your iPhone or iPad, this change will NOT affect you.

  • You CAN continue to use BossJock Studio for Recording IF you have a working copy on your iOS device NOW - it will work, even with the new iOS 12 operating system. If you have an older device w/BossJock Studio already downloaded, you might consider using that device for recording w/BossJock Studio, and not upgrading it for a new device, until a permanent solution is determined to replace BossJock Studio.

  • If you get a NEW iOS device, you’ll need an ALTERNATIVE app to BossJock Studio for RECORDING your podcasts - I recommend using BossJock Jr. for recording (that’s what I’ll be using for now). Or, you can use MultiTrack DAW for recording as well, it’s just better for editing.

    (New video training for BossJock Jr. is now uploaded in the Podcasting Made Easy Membership Site under: Section Step 2 - PRODUCTION -> 2 - Record -> BossJock iOS App Tutorial )

  • Don’t Worry - I’ve got you! - I’ll stay on top of this, and I’ll be in touch with new video training for a permanent replacement to BossJock Studio in the future. But for now, enjoy BossJock Studio if it’s on your device, or if you upgrade to a new device, just use BossJock Jr. - it works VERY similar to BossJock Studio and sounds GREAT!


Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

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