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Welcome to the Podcasting Made Easy

by Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith,   The Mobile Pro

Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro

To order your gear, scroll down below the SetUp Photo, then click on the gear links.

Whenever possible, I chose products that are eligible for
Amazon Prime w/free 2nd day shipping. If you don’t have an account, you can click here to sign-up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. It’s truly an awesome service.

SetUp 3a - Featuring the ATR2100

For Solo or One-On-One Standing Interviews - Budget Option

SetUp 3a is Best For:

  • Standing “Man-on-the-street” style interviews (but both hands will be occupied)

  • Pro-quality, streamlined solo podcast set-up

  • Noisy or Quiet Environments

  • Helps if your guest has practice with a mic (need to stay less than 3” from center of mic)

  • Low-cost option for pro-quality sound. For a backpack or very large purse.


SetUp 3a - ($125 as pictured, $95 w/o Apple EarPods)

A - 1 - Medium Pack-It Sac  - $11
B - Apple iOS device running iOS7 to record with (iPod Touch 5 pictured - $231)
C - Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter - $30
D -  Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB/XLR Microphone - $74
E -  On Stage Foam Ball Mic Windscreen - $2
F - USB Mic Cable (included w/ATR2100)
G -  Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic - $30 (Must plug into bottom of ATR mic NOT into iPhone)
H - Mic Clip and Mic Stand (included w/ATR2100)*

iOS Pro Podcast Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

BossJock Jr - Free - Similar to BossJock Studio with fewer bells and whistles
BossJock Studio - $10 - #1 for Podcast Recording - (Currently Unavailable, for now I recommend using BossJock Jr.)
MultiTrack DAW - $10 - #1 for Basic Podcast Editing

Ready for Your Upgrade?

Now you’re set to record Pro-Sounding Podcast Episodes with SetUp 3a!

But what if you want to Record Two Mics for one-on-one sit-down interviews? (i.e. SetUp 3b). 

Or what if you want to record Group Round-Table discussions? (SetUp 1a). 

How about when you’re ready to upgrade to my favorite podcast mic, the Shure SM7B (SetUp 5).

When you’re ready for the upgrade, we’ve got you covered…

"I wish I had found Shawn's Mobile Pro Podcast Guide and bought the videos before following all the other guides on the internet. I would have saved at least $1,000 and launched a better, easier podcast. It's an awesome resource!”

- Joshua J. Sheats, Founder of and Host of Radical Personal Finance Podcast

Joshua is referring to my step-by-step, online video training series, "5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone".

To teach you how to connect EVERY piece of equipment, step-by-step, for ALL 5 SetUps - for ANY Pro Podcast recording situation you need…

Upgrade to the COMPLETE SetUp and Recording video training below…