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Why Attend the Podcast Launch and Grow Workshop at PodFest 2018?

Bottom line – You will leave with a ready-to-implement Podcasting plan that will incorporate a wide range of Podcasting how to’s and addressing every aspect of creating and launching a show! 

The 2018 Podcast Launch and Grow Workshop is THE place to learn about the most up-to-date Podcasting ideas, so you can actively incorporate them into your Podcasting Roadmap! Dive in and get started before its too late...

At this Workshop, We will Help You:

  • Create a Plan – We will be delving into the content, format & structure of a podcast
  • Identify Your Differentiator - the thing that is the key for standing out in the crowd of Podcasts!
  • Identify the Right Podcast Format – crucial for a successful Podcast!
  • Learn How to Mobile Podcast – Step by step instructions will be given helping you capture your message from any location.
  • Eliminate Any Fears you have on Getting Started - Our carefully selected experts have experienced everything you can imagine and they will be sharing 40 collective years in broadcasting during this special Masterclass!
  • With Q&A Panels – We will address all questions from our panel of podcast experts during our Q&A Panels.
  • With Mic Roundup Station – We will have an audio engineer on hand to showcase a wide variety of mic set ups, so you can find the mic that works best for your voice and budget.

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