How to Create a PRO-Sounding Podcast in a DAY - EVEN if You’re a NON-TECHIE,
WITHOUT needing to Buy, Setup, and LEARN Complicated Equipment & Apps.

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Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro


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Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro, is the author of the ground-breaking training course, Podcasting Made Easy, where he's taught dozens of non-techies how to create a pro-sounding podcast in a DAY.

Since 1996, Shawn has flown nearly 1 million miles as a keynote speaker, musician, missionary, and mobile technology expert at

Since 2014, Shawn has spoken at business conferences around the world as the foremost authority on Mobile Podcasting, and is featured in the documentary, “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary”.

Since 2006, Shawn and his wife have also hosted over 1,600 volunteer missionaries on their annual mission trips to Guatemala serving children living in extreme poverty. This is where he mastered mobile podcasting, by publishing nightly podcast interviews with their teams from Guatemala.

Shawn is passionate about equipping, training, and inspiring entrepreneurs to create pro-quality content from anywhere. When not on the road, Shawn lives with his lovely wife in South Florida.

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